. Manuscripts – Historia Brittonum

Over forty manuscripts are known to exist, not all of equal weight in reconstructing the text and not all are of independent value. The following table summarises the manuscripts in which the Historia appears, even if only in part.

Manuscript name

Manuscript date


British Library Additional 11702 Early 14th century
British Library Burney 310 1381 G
British Library Cotton Caligula A VIII Mid 12th century P
British Library Cotton Julius D V Late 14th century 3
British Library Cotton Nero D VIII Early 13th century Q
British Library Cotton Vespasianus B XXV Early 12th century 2
British Library Cotton Vespasianus D XXI Early 12th century K
British Library Cotton Vitellius A XIII Early 13th century 1
British Library Cotton Vitellius E I 13th century
British Library Cotton Vitellius F IX 16th century
British Library Harley 3859 Late 11th/early 12th century    H
British Library Harley 624 17th century
British Library Royal 13 B VII 16th century
British Library Royal 13 B XV 16th century
British Library Royal B D V 13th century 6
Cambridge Corpus Christi College 101 17th century
Cambridge Corpus Christi College 139 1164×1166 C
Cambridge Corpus Christi College 363 early 16th century
Cambridge Trinity College O.5.37 1681
Cambridge University Library Ff I.27 (folios 21-36) 1160 7
Cambridge University Library Ff.I.27 (f 41-72) Fourteenth century
Cambridge University Library Ff.I.27 (f 7-20) Early 13th century L
Cambridge University Library Ii.VI.11 13th century 5
Cambridge University Library Mm.V.29 12th century 4
Chartres Bibliothèque Municipale 98 9th/10th century Z
Conybeare 14th century
Douai Bibliothèque Municipale 795 11th/12th century
Durham Cathedral B II 35 Mid 12th century
Évreux 41 13th century
Glasgow University Library Hunter 318 17th century
Leiden Universitaeitsbibliotheek BPL 20 1139
London College of Arms Norfolk 30 Early 14th century 10
Oxford Bodleian Library Bodley 163 12th century 11
Oxford Bodleian Library Carte 113 18th century
Oxford College of St John the Baptist 99.3 Early 13th century
Paris Bibliothèque National Latin 9768 11th century
Paris Bibliothèque Nationale Latin 11108 Later 12th century N
Paris Bibliothèque Nationale Latin 15009 1166 9
Paris Bibliothèque Nationale Latin 5232 12th century
Paris Bibliothèque Nationale Latin 6274 Early 13th century 8
Paris Bibliothèque Nationale Latin 8048 13th century
Paris Bibliothèque Nationale MS Latin 8501A Later 12th century
Rennes Bibliothèque I.F.1005 Late 15th century
Rouen Bibliothèque Municipale U74 12th/13th century
Vatican Biblioteca Apostolica Reginensis Latini 1964    Late 11th century M

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